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All Australian Tree Palm & Garden Services offer a number of services to their clients.

24/7 Emergency Work
Tree & Palm Removals
Weight Reduction
Deadwood Removal
Crown Lifting/Thinning
Dead Wooding
Palm cleaning
Stump Removal
Mulching / wood chipping
Wood chipper hire
Storm Work
Bush Fire Preparation
Block Clearing
Power Line Trimming
Roadway Pruning
Tree Felling
Mulch Sales
All work to Australian Standards.


Queenslanders love their gardens. With the long Queensland summers, it’s vital that we keep the soil in our gardens moist and healthy all year round.

Mulching your garden beds and around the base of your trees and shrubs is a great habit to get into. It’s a wonderful way to improve the health of your garden and help it to thrive in the warmer weather. Mulch helps your garden by:
Retaining moisture in the soil. This means you use less water, reducing annual water costs
reducing weed growth
providing the soil with precious nutrients
Helping to loosen compacted soil.

We have garden mulch for sale in bulk at a reasonable cost.

Stump Grinding:

No tree removal is really complete until you remove or grind out the stump. If a stump is left it may re-grow or it may rot, attracting decay causing fungus to your garden. Our stump grinders will turn your tree stumps into useful mulch

Our Tree & Palm Removal Services

When a problem with a tree or palm cannot be solved by pruning techniques or other means, it may need to be removed.

There are many reasons for which a tree may need to be removed. These include:
It is dead or in major decline.
Structurally unsound.
Termite damage/fungi/rot.
It has a history of dropping large branches.
Inappropriate position.
Interfering with services/causing damage to a property.
Noxious weed.
Outgrown its environment
Building/pool construction

In the event of removal being necessary, our professional team will dismantle the tree efficiently, avoiding damage to your garden and property, and causing as little inconvenience as possible. We take pride in leaving the job site in an immaculate condition.

Our considerable experience dealing with a wide range of tree types and sizes, means we are equipped to handle any challenge. We have the tools and expertise to deal with your issue with efficiency and professionalism.

For more information or an obligation-free quote on tree & palm removal please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We specialize in tree care services for a wide variety of domestic and commercial customers including:
Residential Properties
Property Developers
Golf Courses

Retirement Villages
Real Estate Agents
Local Councils
Insurance Providers
Schools – public/private

Call: 0467 544 600